Healthy Girl Habits I Aspire to Have

Good day, all! Has anyone made any small achievements today so far? There’s no greater feeling than checking something off a mental or physical list. The best thing about these lists is that they’re YOUR lists! Meaning you can tailor them to your lifestyle. Make them as straightforward or as complex as you’d like.

After a while, certain things shouldn’t need a list or some reminder because they become habits. Now I’m a grown woman here, and I’m more than capable of keeping up with a consistent and substantial lifestyle, so why don’t I? This is something I think about all the time. Will fully committing to not being so lazy snap me back to my old self? To someone who was filled with energy and motivation.

Silly thinking? Maybe, because what I’m about to talk about are all necessities of life. I’ve done or currently do all of these and even consistently in the past, but being so undisciplined, I got too uncomfortable having no rules. So, I aspire to follow these habits always in hopes of improving my lifestyle. Sometimes a little reminder is needed. That’s all!


Water is such a vital part of our lives, whether it be for our bodies or the planet. Sometimes I feel like I take it for granted especially having access to clean filtered water. Concerns that come from lack of water, like dehydration and mood changes, are exactly what I’m going through now. I also anticipate that my outrageous adult acne may also stem from this.

According to Harvard Medical School, some water benefits include:

  • Maintaining the bodies electrolyte balance
  • Aiding with digestion
  • Regulating the bodies temperature
  • Protecting the organs and tissues
  • Flushing bacteria from your bladder, bowel movements, and perspiration

I’ve talked about this before. I even shared my vulgar water reminder that I get every single hour (I ignore it). But, I think after some quick research and refreshing my memory, I realized the importance of staying hydrated with water daily.

Get Active

This isn’t something I’m able to do daily, but there’s no excuse why I can’t make it work at least 2-3 times a week. Moving your body doesn’t necessarily need to take place at the gym; it can happen at home too. There was a time when I found a fat-burning workout that could be done from my bed!

Something as lite as stretching or an effortless walk is even better than nothing. Moving your body and getting the blood flowing is such a mental stimulator. I miss the feeling of accomplishment after breaking a sweat at the gym. Some days were lighter than others, but no matter what, It helped ease any anxiety or built-up tension.

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

*A fit bit is a great way to stay motivated and keep moving. It celebrates your steps periodically!


I completely underestimated how essential it is to get a good night’s rest. Sleep is what refuels our body and powers our mind. I may think I can handle 3,4, or luckily 5 hours of sleep, but with a wild two-year-old on top of my already not-so-stable life, the exhaustion says otherwise.

The reason for my lack of sleep is a little silly. Have you ever heard of FOMO? It is the Fear of Missing Out. I get that every night… at home! After a long day of basically catering to others, I want to have at least some time to cater to only myself. Of course, this can only happen if Isaiah is sleeping and getting that kid to sleep takes time. After that’s done and I’ve gotten myself ready for bed, I can kick back. Too bad it’s already so late but at the time feels so worth it. I still haven’t found a solution to fighting my FOMO.

Positive Mindset

Lately, my mind runs a million miles a minute. It could sometimes feel like I’m battling between the good thoughts and the bad thoughts. Only I can make the switch in my mind to focus mainly on the positive. My main goal is to change my approach to handling difficult situations. I can dwell on something for ages, and that isn’t healthy! I can see how this can cloud my judgment. An easy fix for this can be working out, as I mentioned before, or positive self-talk.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Some benefits to positive thinking are:

  • Better relationships with others
  • Productivity
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Improves immunity

Be kind to yourself because, in the long run, you’ll thank yourself. We are only getting older, and the time is now.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋

5 thoughts on “Healthy Girl Habits I Aspire to Have

  1. These are just good habits in general, and it’s great that you want to cultivate them. Exercising is my main priority. That, and a nutritious diet. Can’t go wrong with those, no matter who you are.


  2. I’ve been working on all of these too especially sleep and water. I really don’t drink enough water even when I know I should. I’ve also really messed up my sleep schedule and need to fix that because sometimes I wake up still exhausted and that sucks so much.


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