NaturallyShesDope Sip & Shop Round 2

NaturallyShesDope Sip & Shop Round 2

The lovely LaToya aka Naturallyshesdope and I

Hi there everyone! Today, I wanted to showcase a really fun event I was able to attend. Now, I know it says round 2 even though I haven’t written about round 1. But this is my second time going so, I still want to go back and share my first experience as well. Unfortunately, I never got around to writing it, but I’ve got so much to share from that time. This black-owned Sip and Shop was hosted by LaToya aka @Naturallyshesdope on Instagram (definitely go check her out). Naturallyshesdope is a black-owned company that started with hair care but has since expanded to supporting a variety of black owned products, companies, and entrepreneurs.

On the day of the event, of course, I was running behind. I wasn’t able to eat anything, so I was so excited when I walked into the venue and was greeted with a table of food. I literally screeched out loud. The food was catered by Chef Malica (@lovelys_sweets_llc on Insta), and it was absolutely delicious. They offered plenty of options like different empanadas, Jamaican rice and peas, curry chicken, and my favorite, jerk chicken. There was so much more. I devoured my rice and peas, cabbage, and jerk chicken. I would eat that meal every day if I could. Near the entrance was also the check-in area where you can also get your swag bags (more details on what’s inside, later). Before you enter the main event space, was the lovely bartender, Brandice (@Msladybmo on Insta), pouring up delicious mules and passionfruit cocktails.

Pictured Von & Brandice

The Main Event

There were tons of vendors set up but I wasn’t able to stop at them all. Everyone was so lovely, I wish that I could’ve! I will leave the handles of everyone I didn’t get to visit down below. Make sure to check them out on instagram!

Maraboo Cosmetics

Maraboo Cosmetics is an organic plant-based natural hair care line designed to grow and maintain hair growth. She sold me when she pulled a strand of her natural curly locs and it landed down by her chest. I’m a sucker for a good natural hair product, especially when there is living proof. Also, it’s not as easy finding products that work for natural hair. I look forward to trying the Herbatomic growth oil that I got. She offers plenty of other products like butter cream, scalp rejuvenating tea, and more.

“Maraboo is the name given to strong beautiful Haitian women in Haiti regardless of their hair texture. It means beautiful, strong, and badass. I just want every woman using my products to feel as such.” — Syndie Berrette, the Founder/CEO

My beautiful mama and her new goods

Instagram: @Maraboo.LLC
Facebook: Maraboo

Kevin Blaize

Kevin Blaize is a knowledgeable and very personable author who wants to make a change in the way young black people think. His large sign alone was enough to reel me in. When he and my brother caught glances he greeted him and started to explain and was very passionate about not only the book but financial literacy. He chatted with my brother and me for a while about why he created this book and his goals for future ones. If you’re into creative and original adventure stories, then you should also check out “Dogs Of The Wild” the first professionally written book in his trilogy. He also created an adorable children’s activity book with coloring and connect the dots type pages! We definitely need more people like him spreading the word and opening our minds.

Instagram: @dogsofthewildseries

Kinky Brooklyn Girl

If you’re looking for trendy apparel then this is your stop! Created by Tamika, Kinky Brooklyn Girl was made to encourage Black women to embrace their sensuality and love their natural hair. She now has pieces for the brothers too! I loved the saying on her shirts, sweaters, and other items. On top of that, they are all so soft and wash well. I should know because I’ve gotten something before at the last event!

Instagram: @kinkybrooklyngirl

Essentials Too GC

Founded by Ellie Fulmore and Connie Taylor

I’ve been on the lookout for a soft and silky solid black head scarf and I finally found one! These scarves are probably the most delicate scarves I’ve ever felt in my life. They also offer bold accent pieces that’ll be sure to spice up any look. Here is their email to get more information on accessories and more!


Zen by Esnavi

Zen by Esnavi is a 100% clean, cruelty-free and vegan skincare company. I stumbled upon this table while looking for my mom. I overheard them talking about a lip scrub and boy, am I a sucker for a good one. They even had my brother test some of the product for us to see a little bit of its magic. I was able to get their full set which also came with a free gift (super fun)! The set included a Mango Butter Face Scrub, Purely Radiant Face Oil, and the Agave Sugar Lip Scrub. I’m currently going through an awkward skin phase, and she assured me that this would be okay to use on my sensitive skin as long as I follow the directions, of course.

Instagram: @zenbyesnavi
Facebook: ZEN by Esnavi

PS. Im obsessed with the lip scrub already. It tastes amazing and it also helps relieve dry lips.

HennaDready LLC

Natalia Melville | Henna Artist

Natalia was such a vibe! When I first arrived at the event, I noticed lots of people with beautiful henna designs on their hands. I randomly said. “Damn where is the henna lady?!” And she so happened to be right there, ”Oh, thats me girl! ✋🏾” she said. She took her time on a gorgeous freelance design that she came up with at the top of her head. They are meant to last around a week and that it did! I would definitely go back for more in the future. I got tons of compliments as well on how great of a job she did! I obsessed over it for as long as I could. It also gave me a major confidence boost.

Instagram: @hannadready

Liquid Sanity

Liquid Sanity is more than just a candle company. They make unique and memorable candles that will leave a long lasting impression. All of their candles are created with 100% coconut wax or premium mineral oil wax. They use NO chemicals or dye. This lovely set up caught my eye when I saw the words ‘car diffuser’ I love when my car smells well so this table was definitely on my list. They offer a great amount of different candles, air fresheners, wax melts, and more. I got the Woosah candle and of course, the matching car diffuser to go with it. The designs are really pretty! She also threw in an air freshener in Japanese Squash for me! You can never have too many of those.

Instagram: @love_liquidsanity

Hookah Dons

“smoke with a difference”

Owned by Jacob Nkowane, The Hookah Dons are the masters of premium hookahs. I was always really intrigued by the hookah. I used to do it so much, I called myself a hookah pro. At this time, I don’t do it nearly as often as I used to in the past but I still know whats good and what isn’t. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a black-owned hookah company so you know I had to support. I love how they believe in the quality of the hookah you’re smoking. From the hookah itself down to the type of coals. They provide you with everything you need to get started at home for an amazing price. You literally wont need to purchase anything extra.

Instagram: @hookahdons

Feelin’ Good Accessories

Just like the name says, Feelin’ Good Accessories will have you feeling good! I was feeling myself the entire time with my new fedora. It is the perfect addition to any ones fall wardrobe. They also offer gorgeous pieces of jewelry, head wraps, cute sunglasses, and more. The colors are endless, so there is something for everyone!

Instagram: @feelingoodaccessories

Check Out These Other Fabulous Venders!

Official Growth Garden | A beauty supply store for naturals by naturals
Instagram: @officialgrowthgarden

NoFriendsWeFamily | Shirts, hoodies, and sweatsuits by Von
Instagram: @nofriends_we_family_

Lauray Shea | Whipped shea butters and more
Instagram: @laurayshea

Mademoiselle Mackenzie Cosmetics | Quality eye and lip cosmetics
Instagram: @mllemackenzie_

Je’LaRyn All Natural Skincare | Refreshing bath and body products
Instagram: @jelaryn

Blush Velvet Boutique | Luxe accessoires, fine jewelry, and more
Instagram: @shopblushvelvet

The DJ | Pure vibes
Instagram: @iambboyslim

Lastly, what was in the swag bag, you ask?! In this remarkable bag, anyone who purchased a top tier ticket, received so many full sized products! We were blessed with the Eden Bodyworks Peppermint Tea-tree Clarifying Shampoo, two products from the Cantu Avocado line, coconut hair oil, two packs of braiding hair, hyaluronic facial moisturizer, and feminine products from HER by Alikay Naturals. I love goodies and the end of any event! If you want to know more about any of these products, feel free to reach out.

Overall, I had such a great time at the Naturallyshesdope Sip and Shop event. It was an amazing experience. Every seller was passionate about their products, so kind and down to earth. The DJ was definitely spinning from start to finish. It was the vibe I needed, for sure. I’m going to take the time to try the products, and I’ll come back to write a review post. Make sure to check out LaToya for more!

As always, thanks so much for reading! Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share! Make sure to check out my Instagram; @tianiangela_ and my latest video on YouTube💋

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