Imagine That…

I feel like no one really knows how I feel. I feel like everyone tries to tell me how to feel. No, it doesn’t work like that. I am allowed to feel however it is that I feel. I feel like I’ve already had so much taken from me but my feelings? Cant take that. … More Imagine That…

More Life: Part 1

Everyone has their own way to express themselves. For me, it’s blogging. I’ve contemplated writing about this and asked for opinions but at the end of the day, I’m going to do what I think is best for me anyway. Two days ago I was told to leave my “home”. I packed my suitcase and … More More Life: Part 1

Q&A: ft. Me ♥

Over 400 million people suffer from some sort of mental illness. But of course, no one talks about it because of the stigma it comes with. I feel if more people started to share their feelings, stories, thoughts, it can help other people cope with whatever it is they may have going on. So I … More Q&A: ft. Me ♥

Am I “Crazy”?

Today I wanted to share a short story on my first manic episode. I’ve only ever had one but that one was one too many. During a manic episode, your mood changes from normal and is accompanied by high energy states. I’ve had tons of panic attacks where I couldn’t breath and I just wanted … More Am I “Crazy”?