Mothers & Mental Health|Week 20|Kat

Motherhood 2

Meet Kat from New Jersey!


How are you feeling today mama?
Today I’m feeling great but exhausted. It’s my oldest’s birthday!
How many children do you have? 
I have two boys! I have a one and a half-year-old, Jesiah and a FIVE-year-old, Jeremiah (hard to believe he’s 5 already).
How old were you when you had your first child?
I was pregnant at 17 and gave birth when I was 18. One time for all da teen moms!
Do you remember your initial reaction when you found out you were pregnant?
Yes, I was very nervous but I was not too scared since I’ve been with my boyfriend who is now my husband for forever. At that point, I really didn’t understand sacrifice and it was my senior year of high school. I already knew I would miss out on everything so I just kept remembering that everything is temporary.
What first comes to mind when you think of mental health?
When I think of mental health I honestly picture a garden in my mind. I think of watering it, and when I don’t some veggies and fruit rot. If I don’t take out those rotten fruits and veggies, they will spread and keep spreading.
Do you suffer from any mental illnesses yourself? 
I was never clinically diagnosed with any mental illnesses but I did suffer from Postpartum Depression and I do feel like it still affects me.
How was your mental health before you became a mama? How has motherhood changed or improved your mental health?
Before I became a mom I was very insecure, I had tons of anxiety and I didn’t really know how to love myself. With my first son, I still kind of felt that way but I learned that I didn’t NEED some of the love I was searching for and I grew a new respect for myself which helped me love myself more. After my second, I feel extremely resilient and confident.
Do you self care? 
Yes, I do! Sometimes I forget to but I like to spend a lot of time alone. I like to get my nails done, listen to music on long drives, get coffee, or get into my hobbies like making content and doing hair.
Do you have any stories you’d like to share?
I have a million stories to share but one that makes me so emotional happened when my second baby was a newborn. My husband had been somewhere, it was almost 3-4am and he was stuck almost an hour away. I was so exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. I had been already struggling with postpartum depression and I felt like my baby hated me. He never stopped crying, he didn’t want to feed from my breast and I didn’t know what to do I just kept crying my eyes out hysterically, with my baby. My oldest was 3 at the time and he turned to me and said, “Mami you don’t have to cry. Jesiah is just a little baby and he doesn’t know what he wants or what to do. It’s okay.” And those words just meant so much to me and instantly he made my heart feel warm and I was able to care for my baby and make him stop crying. Kids are so incredible.
Advice for other mamas…
My advice to moms would be, don’t be afraid. It’s okay to mess up and it’s okay to not listen to every single piece of advice everyone gives you. As long as you love your baby as hard as you can and teach them to love themselves and put their needs first, they will always love you and learn to make the right choices.
I think that when you’re a parent there’s a lot of pressure to do what everyone else tells you to do and it’s okay not to do those things. Everyone parents differently and your child will appreciate you regardless and you will learn what works best for you.

What’s the scoop on Kat?!

What’s your drink of choice? If any.
I don’t really have one, I just drink whatever whenever I actually do drink lol.
What’s the cutest thing your kiddies have done?
They do new cute things every day! Jeremiah always picks me flowers every time we are outside together which I love, and he loves to take pictures of me and compliment me. Jesiah loves to blow kisses and randomly give the cutest hugs!!! He loves cuddling with his teddy bears!
Do you have a favorite restaurant or snack?
My favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory and I have waaaaaay too many favorite snacks.
Tell us your go-to song at the moment!
Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi – Rosalía
What’s one thing you want to do when this pandemic ends?
I just want to work on clients already, I don’t care about doing anything else right now lols
Do you have any pets? 
Yes! I have a doggie named Chloe!

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