All These Flaws… I Think I Might Hate Myself

Flaw- a mark, fault, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object. Thanks to the Dictionary. 😉

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

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Last night I had a very long conversation with someone who had asked if I even had any flaws. What kind of question is that? Of course, I have flaws! I have had flaws for a long time. I still remember a boy in third grade telling me that I looked like a fish because my lips were too big! For years after that I was so insecure about my lips being too big but now people are PAYING to have bigger lips. Of course, I love my lips now but I still find fault in myself in other places.

Nobody is perfect, not even a Barbie doll. We all have different views on what perfect is or what it should be. At least that’s what I think. Growing up in a world full of “perfect” people can be detrimental to our generation and generations to come. Unless we start embracing who we are and actually being okay with it. Now let’s talk Flaws!

Some things about myself that I have a hard time dealing with is…

1.) MY NOSE giphy-14

This has been such an issue for me for so long and to be honest it still is. Lots of people say I have a lil’ button nose or a “nugget” nose. To me, I think my nose is a bit too flat. For years I would be so cautious about what pictures I would post specifically because of the way my nose looked! How sad…  When I was younger I told myself I’d get a nose job. Today I look back and think that would be so stupid! A nose is a nose. The people who love me still love me even with my cute lil’ button/flat nose. I am pretty sure no one has ever said, “Hey your nose is a bit too flat. Sorry, but I can’t be your friend anymore.”


Now if you don’t know what a fivehead is, it’s when you can fit all 5 fingers on your forehead instead of 4. Now I know my forehead is gigantic but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it! I used to love to wear hats for that reason. There are many beautiful models and actresses with the same “flaw” who seem to embrace it which is great. For example, Tyra Banks and Rihanna! Big forehead don’t currr!


Yup! I am basically the CEO of this committee. According to the Urban Dictionary, this is an imaginary committee with a group of girls with very small boobs. I know this is a very common thing girls don’t like about themselves. Fear not because little tetas matter too! Look at the bright side, you don’t really have to wear bras as much and they don’t really get that sweaty in the summer.


This mostly falls under the relationship category. When it comes to boyfriends and such I can be a very mean girl. I have such high expectations when it comes to a guy. When they don’t meet those exceptions I always tend to pick fights. Someone has even told me this before. “Its Tiani’s way or NO way.” I couldn’t even say that isn’t true because it is. I need things done the way I want it and when I want it. It is something I am working on.

5.) I AM SO LAZY  giphy-15

OMG, I am literally so lazy. I would try to get out of it but… I am too lazy. I enjoy being in bed. I dream about being in bed. I absolutely love my bed. I have 2 gym memberships but I prefer to be in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I still get my stuff done. I just procrastinate A LOT. I can’t be the only one.

So there you have it. These are MY imperfections. Just because I have them it doesn’t mean I don’t value or love myself. I absolutely value and love myself. I wouldn’t change me for anything. Of course, I can work on the mental things but definitely not the physical things because that’s what makes some of me, ME. I hope you guys know that flaws don’t define who you are as a whole. Embrace it and maybe these “flaws” won’t be “flaws” anymore.

Thank you guys for reading! Make sure to check out my Instagram for daily posts; @T_scorner 💋

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