Q&A: ft. Me ♥

Over 400 million people suffer from some sort of mental illness. But of course, no one talks about it because of the stigma it comes with. I feel if more people started to share their feelings, stories, thoughts, it can help other people cope with whatever it is they may have going on. So I [...]

Am I “Crazy”?

Today I wanted to share a short story on my first manic episode. I've only ever had one but that one was one too many. During a manic episode, your mood changes from normal and is accompanied by high energy states. I've had tons of panic attacks where I couldn't breath and I just wanted [...]

My Own

A year ago around this time, I wrote a poem for school about my transition through depression. I was proud of my self for getting through it. Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital months later but I got through it again. It's all a wave. I went up and down for years. Each time [...]

Kicked Out of Therapy

This is not clickbait. YES! I was kicked out of therapy. Okay, so I've been with the same therapist for 2 long hard years. Lets call her Lola. Lola was my absolute everything. I looked forward to seeing her every Thursday. She knew the names of all of my friends, family, and even every single [...]


Depression and anxiety kind of go hand and hand. I was lucky enough to be diagnosed with both (NOT). There is nothing wrong with being nervous, it happens to everyone. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a magnet when it comes to car accidents. I’ve been in 2 serious car accidents in my [...]

St. Joseph’s: Regan 2

“Its all in your head.” “Read your bible.” “Snap out of it” “Oh, you’ll be okay!” That’s not even half of the advice I’ve heard throughout dealing with depression. Truth is… nothing you say is going to get rid of my depression. In fact, everything that you were saying was starting to upset me. Everything [...]

I. Need. Answers.

I. Need. Answers.

Whats the question? Where did I go wrong? Or was I wrong at some point? But, first let me introduce myself. My name is Tiani. I'm a 20 year old black girl from New Jersey. I think that might be the only sure thing about me. I come from a giant Jamaican family that consists [...]