Things You Can Control

Remember when I posted about the Things You Can’t Control and the added stresses of life? Today I wanted to brighten it up and talk about some of the things you actually can control. I found that raising my self awareness and being more kind to myself has brought out an optimistic and resilient woman.

Your attitude – You’re in charge of what type of vibe/energy you put out into the world. Only you have control of your attitude. It’s up to you whether you’ll bring positivity or negativity to the table. I used to let little things affect my mood which would cause me to have a nasty attitude. Let’s be real having an attitude all the time just isn’t cute anymore.

Who you have in your life – You don’t need anyone in your life that doesn’t bring you joy. Don’t be afraid to protect your well-being. That doesn’t mean going through your contact list and texting a few people the middle finger emoji.  Just be mindful of who you’re spending a majority of your time with. You are allowed to say no.

How you treat your body – Being kind to your body is essential. What you put into it matters. Fill your body with lots of love, nutrients, and exercise. I should exercise more but I’d like to think that running after my soon to be toddler is all the exercise I need for now. Not only is this good for the mind but also just good health in general.

How you think – Being in control of this is definitely better than you think. The best part about being in control of how you think is the ability to stop and reevaluate. What I mean by that is you can choose (for the most part) to dwell on a situation or find ways to get passed it. I will literally ask myself if the situation is worth getting upset over. A while ago I dropped an egg by accident and it splat all over the kitchen floor. Before I could react in an angry why I stopped and thought to myself, “girl it’s literally just an egg…there are worst things happening.” I make myself proud in those situations. Ha!

How you treat others – Be the change you want to see in this world. You can make all the difference in just 1 person’s day just by throwing a smile their way or just waving hi. I like to think that I am raising my son in a world were kindness still exists.

Are you in control of these things? What are some other things you can control? Has doing so made a change in your life? Make sure to let me know in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Things You Can Control

  1. It is so important to remember the things that we can control and I totally agree with all the points you mentioned on this post! I think your attitude and how you think are really important because they can really change your life. Like you said no one wants to be around someone who has a bad attitude all the time and when you have a bad attitude you attract similar people. It’s also important to stay positive and not let small things get you down otherwise you’re just going to feel awful all the time.

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  2. The fact that you can control your attitude may not seem like much, but recently I changed my perspective on life, and it’s completely turned everything upside down. By simply taking better care of my body, working hard, and having faith, I managed to vastly improve and to lift myself out of the dark pit of despair that I was in. I’d never realised just how much control that I could have over my own life.


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  3. I love that you mentioned you’d never realized how much control. Isn’t it so crazy once you realize? Such a huge difference. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Thanks so much for reading and sharing!


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